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​We believe in the creation of health through instilling healthy, sustainable and long term habits or 'nudges'.

We work with partners and sponsors to help improve the lives of people facing health inequalities, social hardship and/or economic hardship.

Our work is mainly focused in the North West of England - including Lancashire and Cumbria, however we can run programmes elsewhere if required. Journeys can be funded through social prescribing remedies.

Each programme, or 'Journey' we create is based upon the partner desired outcomes. A journey is composed of various pathways. Below we have outlined some of our core pathways that often make up the overall journey to the desired outcomes, or 'destination'.





Combating social isolation - one of the largest health risk factors - we aim to build trust amongst participants, with leader(s) and/or buddies. This creates a network of people that support new lifestyle habits. This group medicine approach allows participants to take control of their own health aims, to feel involved in their journey, to understand it and to manage it. 

We believe in being outdoors, amongst nature is a healthy and personal way to facilitate long lasting change and build new habits. 

Our walk and talk sessions allow people to relax and reset, without having to be in front of a screen or in more formal, rigid environments.

Exercise, or movement, often in the form of walking, is key to most of our programmes. Walk and talk is a great format. Movement reduces the risk of many chronic (long term) health conditions. 


Understanding how to build habits and skills to allow participants to eat tasty, wholesome foods that do not cost a lot of money. 


Providing nudges to help facilitate 8 hours of sleep per night, resulting in reduced of being overweight, better life expectancy, improved immune system function and reduced risk of chronic disease.


Health problems are largely driven by lifestyle. Taking time to relax, get perspective and have positive time for yourself and your own goals is key, and can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed. 

A 'typical' programme (or 'journey') may have the following aspects:

- a 12-16 week journey (activities once morning/afternoon per week);

- based around a walk and talk activity set;

- several topics (or 'pathways') during the journey - for example, 2-3 weeks on each pathway (examples outlined below).

Other options include:

- specialist experts to cover any desired topics/pathways in further depth;

- hired venues (such as a village hall) for more formal education/discussion pieces;

- alternate activities such as more challenging walks/hikes, canoeing and or wild camping programmes;

- provision of food, clothing and/or specialist equipment

- longer term journeys, with more depth or more pathways during the journey. 


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